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NullFace is a revolutionary app that lets you modify faces, just for laughs or to show off your artistic talent. Simply upload your favorite portrait photo, and start modifying by rotating, moving, and scaling various facial parts. Shake and tilt the device to see facial parts collapse and bounce around.
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Share your new look with friends by email, or use it as your unique profile picture on your blog or various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Explore different ways to use the app and let your ideas explode!!

(NullFace is powered by MotionPortrait.)

*** How to use the app ***
- The eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth can be modified.
- To move a facial part, touch and drag.
- To set a facial part in place, drag it to the desired position, pause, then release.
- To release a facial part, let go of it while dragging.
- To rotate and scale, tap, then drag with two fingers.
- Shake and tilt the device to see the face get pulled by gravity.
- Switch between various face designs.
- Save new designs.

Capturing portrait photos optimal for this app:
* The subject should look straight into the camera with head held straight.
* Forehead should be visible.
* Avoid shadows by taking the photo in bright natural light.

NullFace Fan Page on Facebook:
Twitter: @motionportrait


Work good but....

It crashes every now and then, but when you fix it I will add a star, you Guys do great stuff with faces hope something mind blowing like photospeak.


But can't save?


This thing is horrible i didnt mean to by it i thought it was free so im obviously blind

Not good...

It wont load a picture at all for me! A toatal waist of money


Add an option to turn off the shake feature. It gets annoying when it's accidentally activated.

A great app, period.

Honestly I was searching for a face eraser app but I found this Which is that times two. Simple controls and fast results make this an entertaining time. Better get it now before the price increases.

quite good...

quite funny... sample should be deletable... it's annoying to have to keep something i'm not gonna use...


Its neat but it never finds the face. Please try to fix it.

This deserves 6 stars!
American Indian hula dancer

This app is soooooooooooooooo awesome I was looking 4 a face eraser app I googled nullify, face remover, facemix, face eraser, face wiper, and face washer and got bad results,so this is the best! U can even move ppls facial features around! This is so awsome! Plz make more! Thank ya ?

Fix it please!

What good is this app if you can't save the pictures? Please fix it NOTHING SAVES