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"With Nonstop Knight's fantastic production values and focus on a streamlined action RPG experience, I'm super excited to check it out." –
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Playable with one thumb and designed to instantly pick up and enjoy – the never-ending quest of Nonstop Knight awaits! Tackle the adventure at your own pace and earn rewards even while taking a break!

- Smash enemies, beat bosses, earn gold - it's that simple!
- Upgrade your knight and battle better
- Discover new abilities to unleash in battle
- Climb the dungeon leaderboards - rewards await!
- Stress-free gameplay - ideal for playing on the go
- No Internet connection required

PLEASE NOTE: Nonstop Knight is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Parental Guide
Nonstop Knight is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use these features, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. According to our Terms of Service, Nonstop Knight is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent. You can read more here:


No iPhone X Support

The lack of iPhone X support is inexcusable for a game with continued developer support.


Great game very addictive, but please don’t make me wait 3 days for another boss hunt. The competition to be in top three is definitely the most fun

Nonstop fun from a nonstop knight 👍

I’m gonna just go out there and say it I LOVE this game even though I am usually not that much into mobile games this one is a HUGE exception but even with all the fun in this game it doesn’t go without its flaws like for some reason when my little brother is playing on his iPad and ascends when he finally ascends up...the knight doesn’t move but other than that awesome game

This is hella addicting fun and cool I have no suggestions

Like I said so f/;/ing fun

Turn off ad sounds when silent

You need to make sure that when my phone is set to silent, the game is set to 'sounds and music off' and DnD is on, ads do NOT play loud bloody music! This is totally unacceptable!!!

Some problems but overall good

I like this game a lot, but there’s one problem. I want to be able to stack boosts onto skills like healing clone and double clone at same time. Overall, good game.

Anubis Dark

Fast paced non stop fun!

Same as all others

The game loop is short but sweet, the pay wall is somewhat soft. I just wish there was more to do in the game; one of the games selling points is how automated and endless it is but unless new features and content appear as you delve deeper into the dungeon it might as well only be a one or two day journey unless you pay.

Good game, seriously drain

The game play is simple and fast. I really enjoy the game. However this game is a serious battery leach.

Too hard near end!

I liked the game when I first got it and thought it was cool because it was different. But now that I’ve played it some more, I didn’t find it that fun. When I got onto only stage 60 something, it was way too hard. I never afk’ed enough money to upgrade my guy to beat the boss. EVEN AFTER A WEEK!!!! And I didn’t feel like I would have enough loot when I clicked the redo button thing. And all of the weapons and armour have the same amount of health. They just give it to you either a lower or higher level. Just for decoration. I like the idea of the and the creativity plus effort put into it, so I rated 3 stars. Yet, I’m gonna not play it anymore.