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Nitro Nation: Drag Racing is free iOS app published by CM Games OU

Console quality ... almost


Great game guys and gals. Lots of fun. Game mechanics are great and easy to figure out. However, check out asphalt street storm so you can see how the graphics can be improved so it’s even more fun and engaging so you can make more money. It the other game you really feel connected, like you are there. Your experience is nearly as good, just a smaller screen view and the player needs to be close in view to the action. Oh. Please send gold and I’ll give more free feedback. I play this all day long.

Save your money


This is a pay to play game. Can’t advance without buying a new car every 15 min. And it’s near impossible to grind out cash. Any other racing game will be better

Awesome Game!


Awesome Game! Get it! Play it!

Good but needs work

Cards a plenty

Game play is fun and interactive but the game needs to improve on a few things, first: there needs to be a way to earn more gold other then spending tuns of your own money in the store. Second: the cash rewards need to be hire if the price of new vehicles are going to be so high, as it’s set now you can only buy the cheapest car after you clear a stage to be able to play the next stage and I dislike having to be forced to choose what car a have to play with instead of having more options. and finally third: the drifting aspect of the game needs some serious work cause as it is now it’s just way to hard to drift if you aren’t using a rear wheel drive car only.

Nitro nation


Good game

Remember y I stoped playing this trash

Masta Rappa

All the cars sound the exact same and on top of that how u gunna bring drift into the game and not hv the king of Jdm toyota

Buggy play

Mr smao

It’s a little bit buggy every now and then after a race but over all it’s cool!

Fun game


The game is really entertaining. Graphics are great and progress system is a good pace. Only downfall is the storage spots. I paid for ten storage parts then had them all taken then paid for 5 more then those were taken so i can’t upgrade multiple cars.




Can't play on IOS 10.3.3


I had this installed for almost a year played it often now every time I open app it says must update but there isn't one resulting in not being able to play.