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Take on the role of a simple farmer, vacationing with his wife, who is struck by a lightning and teleported to the past when King Arthur was ruling the land. You are sent on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth, and please the mighty King in expanding his empire along the way! Explore the ancient lands through the eyes of a modern day man in New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court!
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Navigate the untamed wilderness, removing any obstacles that block your path. You will have to gather the necessary resources to survive and build thriving settlements along the way. These obstacles aren’t your only enemy, there are also fierce goblin miners and wicked skeletons that will hinder your workers and slow your progress any way they can! Having magical powers at your disposal helps to speed up your workers and regrow harvested crops and trees, ultimately gaining you precious time to complete your goals. Find the Fountain of Youth, please the king, and get back to your wife in time for supper...or else!
Let the quest begin!

◇ 40 challenging levels!
◇ 8 different buildings to erect!
◇ 4 locations to explore!
◇ Amazing spells to cast, helping overcome adversity!
◇ Easy to follow tutorial!

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Good time manager

Graphics a ill old, but still funny game


I love this game. I will recommend it to my friends.

Like this game

Cute game. Played it on PC and liked three as well.


I love the game but you need an update to add more levels!


Love this game! Please create more levels!


The game itself is fine enough, but the in-game dialogue makes weird and unnecessary jokes about sexual assault .... Pretty thoroughly ruined the fun. I'd like my money back.

Game is not worth the $$$$

I purchased because I it looked like a good game. After the first 3 levels, game asks me to renew the purchase?..... When you do. That nothing happens. So, game is frozen and I am bored with it

Not Recommended

This is a typical resource management game in which you are also trying to beat the clock for each "level". The graphics are okay but nothing special. Gameplay is okay but nothing special. The hints window can sometimes cover screen area where you need to do things, which is more than a little annoying. On the whole, I would rather play a game from the Royal Envoy series or the Roads of Rome series.


Great game

New Yankee in King Arthur

Love this game