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Nearby chat for Pokémon Go - PokeChat

PokeChat is an instant chat service for Pokémon GO users.
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You can chat with nearby users.

Find Pokémons together with other trainers near you.
All the messages will be deleted when you leave them.

* Should be with other users within Bluetooth range. (~ 100 feets)

- Messages will be deleted when you leave the zone.
- Notifies you when there are nearby users.
- The profile image gets bigger when a user comes closer to you.
- Please, turn on Bluetooth.



I recently started playing this year and I heard about his app I am down loaded it know

Like but don’t like

Like the idea but for some reason I can’t log in with Facebook don’t know why and when I did it with email no one was showing up in chat idk needs to work better I think just saying

Great app

This is a great app. It just needs a bigger community. This would be great if you needed help with a raid battle or gym! Try and share this app with you friends. I really do recommend it!


It's an app with an amazing idea, I just wish more people knew about it so I could use it more often. It is also really easy to sign up for!

Just downloaded

Let's check this out

Amazing app.

Allowed me to connect to other players, more people NEED this app!! Run some advertisements for it :)

More people need this

Looks simple and perfect what it's designed to do. Just need more exposure so more people an start using it. Everyone give it a review so that it can get up to the top of the store charts so more people can download it.

Eh, needs more features and users

Nicer interface and design than PokeChat, but you still can't customize your profile much. There appear to be close to zero users, so I really can't even comment on how well the chat function works.

Awesome! More peeps need to download!

I love the concept and I can foresee this app blowing up with more exposure and usage! Great resource and cool way to meet players! :) I love the messages delete. Definitely promotes safety!

Download it
Zerø/ Julia

It's great, but more people need to be using it.

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