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Nail Art Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for nail art fans!
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- Build a profile showing your passion for nail art and manicure designs
- Connect with other nail artists from around the world
- Discuss your favorite techniques, designs, fashions, and tutorials
- Gain a massive following by sharing your thoughts, finds, and creations
- Discover other members’ nail art designs and how-to tutorials

In Nail Art Amino, you can:

- Create polls and discussions to share with other nail art fans
- Show off your latest nails and designs
- Share, discuss, and debate technique
- Obsess over the latest news and nail products
- Connect with local nail artists

Discover other nail art fans nearby and around the world who share your passion for nails, nail design, cute nails, nail polish, and manicures. Post and chat about materials, technique, tutorials, and news. Ask and answer questions on the fly and search for expert answers on everything nails.

If you love painting your nails, creating new nail art designs, cute nails, nail tutorials, nail polish, manicures, pedicures, DIY nails, or any other aspect of the nail art universe, this is the right community for you!

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Aryel love

It's a great way to meat friends and see different nails it sick it's so cool


Perfect for girls who love to share their designs!! πŸ’…πŸ»

Nail art

Fun app to use and lot's of kind users!

I don't like it I love it
Parents are rich

This game is amazing because you can check out new animo games and you can look at new nail ideas!!!!


I was recently banned for no reason! I liked this app cause I love nail art, but now I want my account back! I have an account on all my other aminos and I was banned from this one for no reason! I'd only posted one of my nail arts, I went to check on my account and I'd said I'd been banned! With no explanation as to why?! I'd like my account back please!

It's a great app

I rly enjoy this app because it's a way to express or show your nail art to the world and they can support you so overall it's a great app and I rly do recommend it for anyone who truly loves and enjoys nail artπŸ˜ŠπŸ’…πŸ»

I love it!

This app is awesome!

It's a great app! Super fun

I really love This app! It's like Instagram for nail art. It's really fun and it's such a cool community

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