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> GIRLS, it’s your dream job! Make your dreams come true as a young girl entrepreneur! Choose from 6 business ideas and be the boss!
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> Make it happen! Design ads, launch your very first marketing campaign and make your customers happy!
> Give back to your community! Earn coins as your business grows and donate your profits!

What does it take to be a young, independent female entrepreneur? Creativity, passion, hard work and a vision! Get ready for your next big pitch with this all new app for young entrepreneur girls! Discover your true potential as you build your very own business from scratch.

Choose from 6 different business ideas and get started! Run your own business from concept to marketing to customer service! Take care of customers and make sure they get the best service possible. Being an entrepreneur is LOTS of work, but SO much fun!

> Choose from 6 awesome businesses: Car Wash, Pet Sitting, Bracelet Making, Bicycle Fixing, Drink Stand and Yard Work
> Enjoy over 12 fun-filled and professional activities!
> Create your own business advertisements!
> Choose from tons of paints, colors and logos to decorate your ad!
> Use awesome tools wash your customers’ cars, fix their bikes and clean up the yard!
> Care, feed and groom your customers’ pets!
> Make your own trendy bracelets to sell!
> Serve customers delicious drinks!
> Upgrade tools as you play to help grow your business!
> Earn coins as you run your business successfully!
> Visit the bank and manage your account!
> Donate your earnings to the charity of your choice!

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Too much ads and a wast of time keeps telling me what to do and is a waste of time! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!! I would rate this zero negative if I could! ?????

The app will not open

I tried like 1000000000 times to open it but it will not come through on I am going to delete this if this bug is not fixed by next week it is so frustrating and I hate in app purchases it makes the game even worse than the game already is You also can’t even play any of the fun games with in app purchases

The app was not opening
sgfxhavagaia. za

It would not opennnn

I wish it worked

It never works when I click on the app it shuts down. Thanks to having a IPhone there is nothing wrong with my IPhone 6s

fav school

One complain It takes sooo long to load and also I tried to open It and It never worked I taped on it I was on a black screen and logged me out I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!


This app is so bad it won’t even let me get in it , every time I try it takes me right back to home screen it is so so so so so so so so so annoying, I want to throw my electronic down when it closes the app. This is such a fun app I used to have it and then I accidentally deleted it and I got it back and was so so so happy but, then whenever I open the app it closes and it just gets me so mad you already know that because I said I want to throw my electronic down (FYI I don’t)

What the heck

Ok so first of all I don’t even know how fun it is because when I downloaded it I was so excited to play it but then when I opened it just brought me back to my home screen it’s so annoying and I get so angry that it just makes me want to take a hammer to my phone ??????

This game is so stupid

I hate it so much cuz it dosent have animation and when I grow up I wanna be an animator and I hate the design of the characters because they look pugfugly and add voiceacting too this is even worse than autocorrect and i hate autocorrect also

Negative 10 Stars

3yrs later and this app still does NOT Open .. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, I reset my tablet and still does Not work on the game and shuts down ( home screen) this app seriously need to be removed from the store

Austin mack

I try to go in the game then it just goes??? ggucvg gugvugvgvjgvgjvgvhi

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