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Music Madness is a tournament for your favorite music.
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Games Free Herbert Stitson iPhone, iPad, iPod

Each round, you decide which song stays, and which one is eliminated.
In the end, only one song can emerge victorious. Tournament winners are added to your Hall of Fame playlist. Only listen to the best!

Create tournaments and post them online... Will your friends pick the same winners as you?

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"It gets real tough down to the last 4 songs"
- Mcrjay

"addicting ... gave me a headache and some heartache."
- Daffyrwt

"one of my favorite apps"
- CarmackGuy

"I love it! Thank you to whoever made this"
- bradyandthepatsrock

"novel idea ... I've always thought my music should fight itself :-)"
- mdubez


Nice app

This is a cool app that is a good amusing timewaster. Some things I would like to see added are 32 and maybe 64 song tournaments for those with a larger song library. Plus it would be cool to have a option to change the bracket view to a horizontal one with song names in lieu of album artwork.

Could be better.

It is a fun app but it should let you pick the songs, have a bigger tournament, and let the hall of fame go against eachother!!!

Easy And Fun

I really like exploring and thinking about my music library using this tournament-style game. No points involved, just a fun exercise in pop culture arguments.

Worth every cent.

I had the idea, I posted it to reddit, and when somebody put in the time to make it, I gladly paid for it. I use this every single time I fly somewhere, one of my favorite apps on my phone. I hope it's making you some cash, man!


Title says it all!! It gets real tough down to the last 4 songs

fun on the run

It's ok but I would say sure why not get it. :-)

Pretty addicting, but I have a few suggestions

this is a pretty nice app, but do you think you could add a 32 and 64 and possibly a 108 bracket? Some of us have big music libraries. Thanks

Great start!

The concept is a winner. Now it just needs to allow the user to select the first set of song, to Increase the beginning number, and clear the Hall of Fame list or just delete a song from it. Maybe allow you to post the HoF list to Facebook. That would in turn increase the apps exposure 10 fold. Keep it up. It is an addicting little app.

Not what expected

Needs an update to include ALL of your library songs into one huge tournament. That would be cool

Perfect for the musical type

Being a talented singer, I find this app perfect for creating playlists. However, the songs it picks for the tournament are quite repetitive. But al around a great tool to have.

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