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Museum of the Phantom City: Other Futures is free iOS app published by Mathbeat Industries

good but not [yet] great

dana (satelites)

note: app fails on the 3rd page of the Moses King portion of the app. it is a little hard to navigate and see with the satelite photo being darkened. zooming is slow. I do think it is a great app though. the information is great and the drawings/images are wonderful (many I hadn't seen before). 4/5 just for the quality of info provided!

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I like that it's weird and slow and confusing. And I love that it only works in New York. These qualities will drive most users crazy. But that makes it all the more endearing to me. Most iPhone users will value speed and efficiency. But some of us still appreciate the cryptic and the bizarre.

Super cool!


This is such an awesome way to experience manhattan!

Interesting history but needs a back Button

George Andrews

I need to shut down the application to exit one set of photos to go to another location



Love it

Navigation issues


Great idea, poor execution. I have to exit the app and shut it down to go to another location.