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Moving is always very stressful. There are lots of things to remember and lots of things todo. If you are planning to write down everything that you need to do and remember, donot worry anymore as this moving checklist / planner comes pre-loaded with more than 210 house moving related items. This is all you need to ensure you don’t forget anything. Save hours of typing or noting down the list of things to do before your move. Avoid expensive mistakes and be stress free.
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Productivity $0.99 Jimbl Software Labs, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

We offer 100% refund (via paypal) if you donot like our app. Just email us at [email protected] Before leaving a negative review, do give us an opportunity to address your concerns. We are here to help you.

The list is fully configurable - you can add / edit / delete / rearrange items and customize to your preference. Easily check/ uncheck / hide checked etc to help with organizing your move. And when you are done moving, you can also re-use the list for other purposes.

You can create multiple lists for different moving needs. Just create your list from the factory list or from your personal list and use the editing features of the app to customize your very own list. Unlimited number of lists are supported. Easily share the list with your family by just emailing it.

The app comes with lots of features:
- Create new checklists from pre-loaded factory template checklists or from your own personal checklist
- Add new items
- Add new categories
- Thumb friendly check/uncheck option
- Hide checked items
- Unhide checked items
- Option to check all
- Option to uncheck all, so you can reuse the list again.
- Hide checked categories
- Unhide checked categories
- Check/Uncheck all categories
- Rearrange items
- Rearrange categories
- Edit existing items
- Edit existing categories
- Delete existing items
- Delete existing categories
- Indicates the total number of items and the number of items that need to be completed.
- Color coded (green, yellow and red) for a visually appealing presentation
- Reuse the list multiple times.
- Comes pre-populated with lots of items that can save you typing.
- You can have unlimited number of lists
- Import the Factory default list anytime you want.
- Search through the list of factory lists and personal lists
- Delete personal lists
- Easily Share and email list with your friends / family
- Easily send the list to your printer (via email - Needs email to print support on your printer)


Factory lists don't load or work
The Mayor7

Only Basic lists work - Factory Lists won't load

Oh, I didn’t think about that...

Good list of reminders. I like that I don’t have to give a moving co all my moving information to access. It would be great to add a drag ‘n’ drop feature.

Spend the 99 cents!

Great app. Keeps you organized. Most of all makes you think of all the considerations for moving. Thank you.


I'm using this app to get my things ready to be moved into my new apartment next week! This app is very easy to use - Highly recommended!!!

Waste of money ... But only 99 cents
ALS Wharton

The basic functionality is so junior that the only true value would be in the pre-populated lists. But the list is ridiculously pedantic with steps included like "close the door". Really? - You'll spend hours deleting stupid tasks because there is no multiple item delete functionality. - Adding tasks is not easy because you have to click on add button, enter new item, save it, go back to main screen and click add again. Would be nice if from list screen u could click on a row and add a task. - Would be nice if they had prepopulated lists of common items to pack But again, it's only 99 cents. May make you remember something you would not otherwise have remembered.

.99 cents for hrs of time saved

The pre populated list was worth the money bc time is money! While I might need to add, and the way it was set up might not be the exact way I would organize, I will def find this useful!

Very helpful
200yrs plus

Quite happy with this app. Easy to use, clean design. Can't beat it for $0.99!

Does the job

I'm happy with this app. I had to delete a lot of items and add some of my own because I'm moving from a small one bedroom apartment and I don't have kids but overall it has helped me with planning and implementing my move. The design is user friendly and the help it provides is worth $0.99.

Did not help

Sorry, but there was nothing about this app that was helpful in my move. It does not make sense the way tasks are grouped into non-custom time line (I had 6 weeks and it is set up by months), the automatic lists were not extensive enough to give me anything I had not remembered, it did not work with my color coding system.

Great moving app

This app is helpful. It's simple and allows you to delete unwanted list items or add checklist items. In addition the tasks are grouped in categories for how far in advance the checklist items need to be performed.

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