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Join Monster Never Cry for amazing rewards and embark on a revolutionary anti-hero RPG journey!
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Dear [Demon Lord], the time has come to assemble your [Devil Legion] and rebuild the Exiled City from the ruins. Let us reshape [destiny] by crushing the Warriors led by the Hero King!

Join other Demon Lords from around the world to uncover the truth behind the invasion of [Askr]. With your mighty power, we believe that Monsters will never cry.

[Hatch to Get Shiny Monsters]
Collect Fel Eggs and hatch them. Will you be lucky enough to get powerful monsters? The attributes of monsters are randomly generated. Find the mightiest one! Remember, shiny mutated monsters are the rarest.

[Synthesis and Evolution]
The Overlord will gradually evolve from a baby into the most feared being. Monsters can be synthesized to rank up and obtain fearsome power.

[Collect and Match]
The fun of building up your Monster Army is to collect and match different types of monsters strategically. Mix and match your monsters to win battles!

[Grinding and Auto-battle]
Auto-battle will bring you EXP and resources even when you are offline. Resources increase with your level. Free your hands and save more time!

[Expand and Rebuild]
The construction of your Devil City is full of fun! Deploy monsters to work for us in the City!

[Conquer with Your Team]
Your monster army will eventually fight in bigger arenas. Exciting visual effects and tons of strategy combinations are waiting for you. Enjoy being the mighty leader and conqueror!

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