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Military Jets Balckhawk Helicopter 3D - flying armor metal storm chopper

Did you ever try to imagine what it would be like to fight for the survival of your country ?
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Fly a state of the art drone , stealth or fighter jet , and fight against evil .
Go where no pilot has gone before .

Well, now is your chance .
The invasion has begun . And we are loosing .
Our ground units have suffered massive casualties . And so did our navy.
And now , they are ready to launch a massive attack on our homeland security systems .
If we don't manage to stop them, we are doomed .

Commander , The country needs your help .
3 brigades of blackhawk helicopters, cobras and apaches are coming your way .
We have gathered the best pilots we could find , and the last functional fighter jets .
Choose one , and go fight .

Military Jets Balckhawk Helicopte , is the Best 3D arcade sky game of 2015 .
It features an amazing and vivid 3D graphics , Beautiful 3D characters , and an amazing gameplay.
Add these to an amazing aound track , and unlimited power ups , and you got yourself a blockbuster .

So what are you waiting for. download , and get addicted .
Good luck soldier .

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Mrs. Michael J. Garber

This is excellent app with great fighting mechanice and a fun array of characters.

Awesome game

Wow !! that is very nice and atrractive game. Who have to enjoying fihting to on the air they are more enjoying.

Anthony V. Bouchard

The movement is so realistic.I’m enjoying using this app. I would love to play with my friend .It can be great fun.

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John Certer

I like this game . This game make me happy . It's graphis also good . i play this game most time . Love this game . Thanks

Amazing App
Gleen Maxwell

The movement is so realistic.First ever game i played where you can actually shoot this way.Thanks admin for creating this App

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Turner Philips

This game is amazing guys. This game is like a real game for it visual effects. Thanks the developer for such a great game.

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Great! This is a awesome app. It is very easy to play. It has no problem and very first game. It's sound and graphics are also good. I am happy to get this app.

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this is just awesome game. nice grapics, good control ! just wonderful.

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Continuously I like 3D gaming app and its one of the best 3D game without a doubt. It's a 3D amusement with 3D representation and all the wonderful highlights. The Military Planes Balckhawk Helicopter 3D is an exciting and testing amusement. It's additionally simple to utilize. I cherished this application.