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Download Merge Dragons - An addictive Match 3 puzzle game!

Merge Dragons - An addictive Match 3 puzzle game!

Welcome to the world of "Merge-3,” where you combine objects into better and better things! MERGE ALMOST ANYTHING IN THE LAND! Merge eggs to hatch helpful dragons! Keep merging objects to see how incredible they get! What will you discover as you merge your camp to perfection?
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Match the Gaia statues to win levels, then choose what things to bring back to your Dragon Camp!

This wildly novel indie game is brought to you by the former Lead Designer of The Sims 3 / Creative Director of The Sims 4.


• Freely drag objects around the beautiful fantasy world to find matches, then merge them all into bigger and more fantastic objects!
• Over 500 gorgeous and powerful objects to discover and interact with.
• Merge eggs to hatch helpful dragons, which will roam the land and harvest objects for you to use or merge!
• Merge Life Essence and tap it to heal the land & help save the dragons!
• Figure out how to free the Gaia Statues from the cursed land in each level, then merge them to win!
• 100+ puzzle-like levels to challenge you, plus a Dragon Camp where you can collect a garden of objects and merge your way to greatness! (Can you search and find the hidden secret levels?)
• 17 Breeds of dragon to find and merge into more mature dragons, with 8 growth stages!
• Over 600 puzzling Quests to challenge your mind!
• Enemies?! If you make it far enough, you may stumble across evil Zomblins!

Can you SAVE the Dragons? Can you HEAL their land? Can you DISCOVER the best objects to bring back to CAMP? What magical eggs will you FIND and MERGE?

Merge almost anything: plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallen stars, magic objects, even the dragons!

Optimized for tablets.
No internet connection required. (Great for airplanes, cruises, and outer space!)


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