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Merge Block Hexa - Puzzle Merged Logic 50 50 Addictive Extreme Game

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The rule is simple: Use rope to swing through the way and try not to lose any limbs! The way is endless, the fun is endless!
Enjoy the extraordinary realistic rag-doll physics and rope swinging mechanics with smooth and responsive controls that's uniqu and way better than other rope swinging games on the store!
Let's swing!!


Trek lover

Nice way to spend a few minutes.

Made me quit because I wouldn’t pay

I love this game and would give it a 5, but I’m also wanting to give it a 1 because I had a really high score, was enjoying it immensely, and all of the sudden it asked me to pay. I thought it was a glitch and I clicked “continue” and it reset itself to zero. SO FRUSTRATED and feel totally cheated. I look at the ads, I even watch some of the ads to the end. Ugh. What’s the point?


Love the challenge

Good Brain Food

Challenging game. I like it a lot.

best game of this category

perfect balance-challenges without making you want to throw the phone out the window. I play it constantly. never gets old. however! Really, really need to put the replay button elsewhere. it's as big as and centered with the continue button. I keep hitting replay instead of continue. the other day I was up to 4k points and I hit replay and BAM! back to zero. wanted to cry. maybe replay should be small and up in the corner. otherwise, best game ever. good job!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game allows a refreshing break and relaxes the mind.

Addictive and infuriating

Once you start you just can't stop...until the game throws out a few intentional curve balls. Once it decides you're done, that's it. But it's still entertaining and fun to play.

Merge block
Merge gumbo

I love this game

Lots of fun to play!

Fun... addictive...frustrating. Great game!