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What is a tailor-made sticker or GIF?
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Have you ever reflected on how soon do stickers get old-fashioned nowadays? Have you seen that how cheap and poor some stickers are made? Don’t you really want your high-quality exclusive stickers with your own face and surprise your friends? Memoji creates them for you!

You can place your face on a variety of cartoon avatars and make your very own special pack of stickers!
The avatars are drawn by a bunch of great, famous and creative artists so you can show-off with a lot of perfect stickers!

Also, you can make a lot of cool and useful GIFs and move your conversations to a whole new different level! Memoji GIFs are produced by Memoji’s content team and they include a lot of stated movies scenes!

All you have to do is to crop your or your friends’ head out of a photo and your job finishes just right here! At this point, Memoji places your face on cartoon avatars and presents you a lot of diverse sticker packages, as well as numerous fun and practical GIFs with various subjects that each of them have their own application. You can add your packages to the Telegram app via only 1 click and use them in your daily conversations. (in any other applications)

Memoji is the best application that makes you your own personal stickers and GIFs and imports them directly into your Telegram. Be the first to make yours!
Too, Memoji gets updated weekly with a lot of fresh content so you’ll be vanguard in your conversations for a long time!

Memoji Emoji Game:

In each level of the game, some emojies that we all use them daily in almost every social environment, are shown together and all you have to do is to guess what do they mean, or what the combination is referring to. You’ll achieve coins as a result of passing each level, and you can use them to make your own tailor-made GIFs or stickers with your own or your friends’ face.

Memoji key features:

• Crops head out of any photo proportional to your face shape
• Has the ability to add stickers and GIFs to Telegram by only 1 click
• Can save stickers as photos in your phone gallery
• Can save GIFs as videos in your phone gallery
• Gets updated with a lot of fresh and handmade sticker packages every week
• Has got the GIFs that are found nowhere else. They too get updated weekly
• Gets updated with a lot of new game levels every week
• And a lot more that these, too, get more and more, week by week ;)

Memoji, as an integrator of art and tech, is the first supermarket for creative and reputable artists in format of stickers and tailor-made photos of user’s face, and has got the ability to make them usable in social networks.


Doesn’t work with iPhone 8

Developer note says it works with iPhone 8, but all I get when I open it is a recircle symbol on a blank screen.

Yve Digi

I just don’t like how I can’t skip the games if I can’t figure out the word

Not happy

Any emojis or stickers have to be purchased. Wasn’t worth it.

Great App

It’s pretty neat & funny me & my sons tried each other’s faces on it & the loved it

Some levels of the game are indecipherable

?????? ♥️♣️??????????? And the power ups hardly work at all

Fun fun

You can chose any photo. It’s easy.

very nice features and ui

second tab is very creative ;)

the best app

the best emoji

So coool!
flaat outt

OMG! This app is a lot better than any gif maker app. I had a really fun time with it. Thanks!

Definitely not what I was looking for!

I did not enjoy receiving a phone call from Egypt after downloading this App. Do not download it!