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Quickly and easily add funny captions to your favorite popular images or your own photos and share with your family and friends! Create your own memes for FREE!
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Photo & Video Free Grassapper LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

It's super fast and simple: With just a few taps you can add captions to any picture and customize their text size, color, location, and font style. When you're all done, just share them with your friends!

We have included 100+ stock photos from 9 different categories to help get you started.

Some popular images included are:

- "Bad Luck Brian"
- "Aint nobody got time for that"
- History Channels "Aliens" guy
- And many many more!

Share all your new creations with your family and friends right from the app. Just upload to Facebook or Twitter within seconds - it's super easy!

Memes can also be saved to your gallery and shared on email and text as well.

Enjoy! :)



I see this being an amazing tool to wow your friends and family!!

Very false advertising
Jake 10S

Apparently the 5 star reviews were forced. This is not a 5 star app and isn’t worth the $5 since the reviews were under duress.

This is

Great app

Oh don’t bother unless you want to pay

I downloaded this app and picked a picture from their “animals” category. I was then informed that I had to pay. So I went a head and deleted the app. There are so many apps that are free.

Poorly designed app

Pros: It’s easy to use and Creates memes quickly. Cons: Can’t do lower case fonts even though the font selection images imply that it can. Font sizing is lost if font color or justification is changed. None of these issues are known until after I paid for the upgraded version. The “Get Everything” upgrade price says $3.99, but I was charged $4.99.

Don’t like. Meme & pictures disappear.

I made a Meme. I hit share & it gave me zero choices about where to share it to. It disappeared. I spent $4.99 for upgrade package but it keeps trying to get me to buy it. I looked in albums & my puppy’s pic appeared in there. She was on sofa beside me intently watching TV. I couldn’t get pic out so I closed app & now my one & only pic of her beside me watching TV is gone. There are zero directions. And I have no idea what happens to memes I’d like to make & I would like to decide how I’d like to use them. Or where I’d like to share to or if I’d like to store to album for another day. But I certainly don’t want my puppy pics disappearing. And I paid not to to have ads. After I bought the package I keep seeing Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade. Won’t be using this since it’s controlling where my memes go & plucking my pics out of photos.

Purchases aren’t working

I opted for the extra options. The prices were wrong and it didn’t change anything

Easy Peasy
Green Pencil

Nothing fancy. It’s quick and easy and looks like you want it to look.

Not worth $4

Got the full upgrade and there’s absolutely no customized options beyond 6 different fonts, some text color options. You can’t even select different text to change just that color or front. It applies it to the entire text with a wide brush. It’s worth .99

Don’t waste your time.
H Ballzack

It’s useless.