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Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, Fifth Edition Flashcards

The official Meggs’ History of Graphic Design flashcard app is a key study tool used for studying graphic design history. This flashcard app features:
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Education $3.99 Wiley iPhone, iPad, iPod

•250 key images representing some of the most significant works in the field of graphic design
•Images pulled directly from every chapter in the bestselling graphic design text
•Easy navigation - tap to flip cards and identify by book figure number, name of work, artist and year
•Browse or search - browse cards by chapter, browse cards alphabetically or search by keyword
•Bookmarking - Bookmark cards you want to study further
•Track your knowledge - Test your proficiency by marking cards you know or don’t know
•Customize - add comments and record voice notes for individual cards



The images are high quality and look great on my iPhone! Apparently I have a lot of studying to do though.

Really helpful flashcards for studying

I usually make my own flashcards but with this app, i dont have to. I can study anywhere and it is totally worth the two bucks when you consider how much my tuition is. A+++

Great apps

This is what I needed

Great images, really useful

I used the Meggs book back when I was an undergrad and would have love to have this to study with. Enjoyed looking through the images, really high quality even on my iPhone

Pretty good collection

Replaces most (but not all) of my homemade flashcards for my vis comm history course.


Although the description doesn't overexaggerate with what it contains, I was expecting with the price of 1.99, that just a little more text would be present. But as the description says, you get a collection of pictures. And a title.


I use this book in my design history class. The app is severely limited by itself, but used in conjunction with the book it is slightly useful. More explanation of the story/meaning/purpose behind each image would be great. Right now it is just a preschool matching/memorization game. Knowing Meggs, I can imagine they will continue to make this better. More "why", not all "who" and "what." If they give you everything for $1.99, there would be no purpose in buying the book.

Good beginning base

I'm pleased with the app for a study guide for students. My only regret is the lack of images available. I use this book to teach undergraduate students and would really appreciate if more images were available, or if there were a way to add images and information to the existing selection. This would make it perfect!

Doesn't have enough

Not enough images from the book to study from. Waste of money! Do not buy!


I'm studying for my test right now and it only has 8 of the 30 images that I need. The images that it does have are great and organized, but I would've spent more money to have all the images or be able to add them into the bank.

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