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We are thrilled to introduce Meditation as the newest in our series of hypnosis apps. Mindifi has created an approach to developing meditation skills using hypnosis, NLP, guided imagery, and several types of meditation and relaxation. Download now, and explore all the wonderful meditation audios in this series ranging from beginner to advanced meditations.
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These audios were designed to provide a self-paced progression through each Meditation track as you become more and more proficient with your meditation practice. The ultimate goal of this Meditation Program is for you to eventually be able to meditate on your own, without the need for music or verbal instruction and guidance. In fact, even more, it’s the ability to attain a meditative state during any activity.

Audios in this app include:

Beginning Meditation

1) Meditation I
2) Meditation II
3) Meditation III
4) Meditation IV
5) Meditation V
6) Five Minute Power Meditation
7) Post-Meditation Mood Booster
8) Finding Your Focus
9) Transitional Meditation I
10) Your Personal Temple
11) The Center Pillar
12) Mindful Meditation

Advanced Meditation:

13) Breath Control
14) Meditation VI: Breath Control and Meditation
15) Kundalini Energy
16) Meditation VII: Kundalini Energy and Meditation
17) Chakra Opening
18) Objective Observing
19) Compassionate Meditation
20) Transitional Meditation II

Open Music Meditations:

21) Open Music Meditation I
22) Open Music Meditation II
23) Open Music Meditation III
24) Open Music Meditation IV
25) Open Music Meditation V



Just need some gold


Although it doesn't say it up front, there is a charge for everything. Meditate on that before getting into this one......


This app doesn't work properly, I have purchased the all sessions package and every time I go into the app it asks me if I want to purchase the tracks. If you try to restore purchase the app freezes on a grey screen, I regret purchasing.

I love this app

I use one of these mediations every day. They are very well done and help set the tone of my day. Are there some administrative issues yes. Frustrating to have to go thru the process of buying it again before each use. However, I'm hoping they will work those kinks out. I bought the whole package and can't wait to explore more.

Breathtaking Scenery

This is so relaxing, I love the meditation which totally helps my stress levels go down within the 1st 15 minutes and I definitely LOVE the scenery, it's breathtaking and I picture myself flying lightly, genius work well done and Thank You for your creativity on the meditation and the scenery which helps us visualize and get our minds out of the stresses that life bring us on a daily basis! Priscilla from Texas : )

Favorite App

Best app!!!

Great Guided Experience

I discovered this app while in the hospital after a major surgery and it was so helpful in the noisy, crazy environment that hospitals are. While there are some "bugs" that still need to be ironed out, the biggest being having to restore previously purchased sessions each time the app is used, it's a minor frustration for the calm the sessions bring to ones mind. I find the guided sessions very helpful to "quiet" my mind when it's racing with things I don't have control over, which then leaves me capacity to deal with the things I do have control over. The session conductor's voice is very soothing and calming as well. Overall, I don't regret my purchases in this program but I would select and choose which ones you feel would be most helpful vs. buying the entire series at the discount offered. There are many sessions you'd probably never use. I also find just listening to the non-guided music sessions to be peaceful and relaxing. I would give it 5-stars if they'd get that annoying restore issue ironed out. It's been reported for a while now. Happy calming!! ?

Another good one

I will likely purchase the works for me!

Just purchased the bulk pack

I love this app!

Great program, and free!

These apps are great for meditation and hypnosis, and it's wonderful that they provide them at such an affordable cost.

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