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Math Is Fun Junior: Mathematics For Kids

Cheerful mathematical game for kids is waiting for you. Inside the game there are no advertisements and there are no purchases. The game designed specifically for children. The game is completely safe for kids.
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Games $0.99 Andrii Chaika iPhone, iPad, iPod

There is a conundrum in each level. Each conundrum contains a few empty gaps. Player should fill them to finish the level. There are multiple solutions in each level. The colorful stamps are your reward. Each solution is equivalent to one stamp.

The game includes a lot of levels. Kids and adults enjoy the game. Multiplication, addition and substraction are the part of the game.

This mathematical game is especial. There are no time limits. The game is educational.

Kids are fond of this game. The game is superb for the workout of mathematics. Cheerful Mathematics is a beauteous game for the family.

Key features:
- 120 levels, 6 collections
- There are no advertisements
- There are no purchases
- Outstanding graphics
- Designed for kids



I am disappointed in this app because it costed $0.99, I expect it to provide more that it does. I don't think this app provides sufficient means of differentiation for the students who intend to use this app to nurture math skills. Although, this app does promote problem solving, there is little to no instructions to explain the game which can make it frustrating to the student. The only way I could see this app being involved in a classroom setting would be for advanced students during stations to work independently. Over all, this app has potential, but needs to improve before I would consider spending the money to implement it within a classroom.