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Surfing or sailing, the app to check the weather conditions at the nearest marine. Simply start the application and let it find your current location and the nearest marine. Check water temp, swell, etc.
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I'm in Sacramento and my nearest Marine Weather point is shown as the downtown Amtrak Station. No obvious way to edit or add new points. With no editing or point specification ability this is just a waist of time.

Don't get it
Dennis Boston

All this app does is crash, just uninstalled it.

Don't work
Littel kev

No data comes up!! I would like to use the app but it comes up blank!!!

Lake Michigan Boater

How do you change the marine location? It's shows my marine location near Washington DC. I live 1 hr away from Grand Haven MI. Grand Haven is on Lake Michigan. I think it is a 14hr drive to the marina it shows on my screen.

Getting data....

I wanted to like it but I never got pass the Getting data screen. BTW it showed my Marina 200 nautical miles off the coast of Ghana and I live in Los Angeles, CA. Oh well...

Not bad

It's not bad what are you guys talking about?

Need to select other marinas

Nice that it finds closest marina but I usually utilize more than one and would like to know conditions there before driving up to 100 miles. Please allow option to select other marinas by map proximity.

Needs work

Not bad. I'd like to be able to choose rather than just get the nearest data.

Immediately crashes
Outer Drive

Immediately crashes on my iPad 2.


Worthless. Don't waste the time it takes to download and then erase it.