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Manic Cart Hillside Swoop

A pure manic game that you cant avoid. Download this unique racing adventure and show your manic grit of dangerous downhill riding. Game presents a new concept of hill riding. First you have to jump then land perfectly into the cart. Cart slides on declivity you have to balance yourself and avoid obstacles in the way. this game is combination of racing and stunt game. You have to do a stunt in the end to reach the finish point.
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Games Free Ahmad Bilal iPhone, iPad, iPod

Game features multiple declivity environments like city, snow hills, and farm with a different difficulties. This game is combination of two different task first one is to jump and land perfectly in the cart. Then balance cart on down hills without falling out of the cart. You have to reach the finish point precisely. if you fall out of the cart or misses the finish checkpoint then game fails.

A free fall downhill ride in a shopping cart.
Missions in multiple game environments.
Perform stunts to complete your mission.
A Unique racing adventure game Concept.

> Addictive and Difficult Game Play.
> Graphics Settings.
> Less Advertisements.


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