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Mahjong collect: Match Connect

Mahjong Scapes is a matching game for one player.
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Games Free Zhu Kaichuan iPhone, iPad, iPod

The goal of the game is to remove all tiles out of the board by pairs.

Mahjong Scapes play:
- Select tiles with the same picture and they will disappear.
- Only free tiles that are not covered are allowed to remove.

MahJong Scapes features:
- 42 mahjong patterns
- 30 background pictures
- 500 closed
- Truly enjoy the fun of puzzle game: NO wifi needed
- Pure game environment: NO time limit
- Family game choice: Game for all ages
- Brisk game sound effects
- Interesting game effects
- hint and shuffle board options
- autosave when exit or take a call

Can you beat level all levels? Play and relax!


A few too many ads

This game is amazing, and I love it, but the problem is it has a bit too many ads. There is an ad after every game, an ad when you need to shuffle, and it doesn’t warn you that there is any ads at all. It just says “Shuffle” and when you click on it an ad pops up and you have to watch it. Other than that, great game. Would recommend.

Need to fix bugs
Carrot Top King

After playing and a few tiles left to shuffle, you can’t click on them. There will be an odd amount and you must click out of the game. Too many ads. An ad after every play or shuffle. I’ve been on 59 level for a while now. Would like to see this fixed. I paid for this game. So expecting no ads or a lot of mess ups. Hint doesn’t work either. Have enjoyed the game none the less.

Amazing game

This game is awesome I love it.

Not interested

I was very interested until I read about all the ads. I left others games because of all the ads that pop up at inconvenient times! I stopped the download. Bye

Level 282 bug
CS Bradley

Great tile matching game, but I cannot get past level 282. There are an odd number of tiles and I always end up with one tile at the end. I’ve replicated this in about 6-8 solves of the level.