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In this magic trick, the person is asked to pick a number between 1 and 63. The person is then shown six screens with numbers, and the person is asked to say "yes" or "no" if their number is on the screen.
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After the person has made all their choices, their secret magic number is shown to them.

A note to those that can figure out the trick... PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS IN THE REVIEWS. The point of a magic trick is to be able to show it to other unsuspecting victims, so if you explain the trick, there's no fun.

Brought to you by the same good folks at, who brought you their other trick called Mind Reader on myHIP


To the stupid reviews

It's not by process of elimination... I know how it works... If you add all the numbers in the top left corner to get the number

Crud on my hip
By HH owns

Worst truck ever! Period!


This is a great free app


Dude this is awesome. I showed my family they loved it. And I do to.

Nix the pix

It is a good app. better than star wars the force unleashed for iPhone.

Shadow savy

This is like the bestest app everrrr! It works every time. Don't listen to those weird liars who say it dosent work! They just don't know how to look at numbers on a page!!!!!

Good app

This app is not a bad app but it's not worth having it I mean go ahead try it I thought was good for just a min or two but this what I really like about it you can find someones age just ask then the number and ask them yes or no

Cool enough

It's pretty good. It should have cooler looking numbers. Still pretty easy to figure how it works. Fun to do when ur sick and can't go outside in the snow


This thing works everytime it's starting to scare me!!!!


Awesome! The trick is the screens are set up so that some screens dont have your number, and you pick no, it knows you don't have any of thoughs numbers. If you say yes, it knows your number is one of them. Very basic!!

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