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Glory or Scrap! In Future, a life running in Madness Racing is a profession like any other. Your car, some money and your life are the tools. Prepare your Tank to throw at breakneck speed on Elevated Motorways. Only one can be the champion. Of the rest, nobody will remember when ending the greatest show on the World: Madness Racing!
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Fuel Lives slope. In the future when the World is a conglomerate of overcrowded cities and almost uninhabitable, the energy for vehicles is at a premium. Only those who are heros for the masses can access it as a prize in their race to death.

Customize your Tank improving its driving characteristics: speed, endurance, stability, fuel tank, armor, etc ...

Get unlockable powerups that will make your vehicle a unique Tank. Laser Barriers, Inmoral Guns, Infernal Shields, etc ... make a difference in your Tank and maybe that you save in the middle of the race.

Collect coins to exchange them for improvements at the end of each level, dodging enemies and obstacles along daemonic Elevated Motorways and reaches the End Level.

• 50 frantic levels.
• Several opponents and obstacles in race.
• 16 unlockable powerups.
• 42 different achievements to get.
• 10 different profiles of unlockable items and get a repainting for your Tank.
• 6 basic Tank features upgradeable.
• Select in OPTIONS your Tank drive mode: Screen Touch (Manual) or Accelerometer

You choose: Scrap or Glory?

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