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Mad City: Gangster life

-> Missions
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Games Free Sergii Sokolov iPhone, iPad, iPod

-> Third Person control
-> Cool Classic cars & Sporctars
-> Brilliant vehicle and drift physics
-> Open world Environment


Semi Guy

Where is the semi they show into picture bad spelling so much lag


One of the worst games I ever played Waist of time playing it.

So bad it makes me want to puke

Like all of the other games that this stupid company makes it loads for a little bit of time and then it just closes out of the game

Crime games

They need to work on their crash problems. I always make it to 16%on the loading screen but then CRASH I'm at my iPod home screen. They really need to work it right away

Awesome game
Huge G Rechin

These game in the best in the world


Makes absolutely no sense

Crime game
Buy hunch vining

A B. E.M pool 77 we will see if it dose on my iPod I say it wont


Always crashes at 16% and takes forever to load to the main menu make it better


This game is so boring and it is so slow and glitches a lot and has no action at all !!!!

Can't even?

I hate this i finally know how to get on with out it closing but it's Laggy for me and the car crashes just make it hard????

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