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If you are anything like me, eating on a ketogenic or low carb diet means I'm not scanning the barcodes of processed foods very often. Instead, I'm making and eating a limited number of fresh and healthy meals/snacks on a repeat basis.
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I made this app because I just wanted a simple way to quickly input my own custom foods (an area that is severely lacking in other free apps). And I wanted to be able to re-use those foods as they were or to modify the "serving" amount.

Instead of wondering whether this is a small, medium or large apple/tomato/etc., I can add the nutrition of a tomato at 100 grams. Then I weigh a tomato of any size, select my previously input tomato, and change the serving size to match the weight of this tomato. The macro / calorie information updates automatically.

I hope you find this app helpful in achieving your goals!


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