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Lords & Castles - Epic Empires

Take control of your own REALM, and turn it into the MOST POWERFUL one. Design the best DEFENSES for your people by creating mountains or digging moats, and train your army to combat against your RIVALS in EPIC battles.
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Arrange the buildings wisely in order to make your subjects happy, and gain their favor. Research new technologies to improve your kingdom, and beat your enemies in the battlefield.

Attack your enemies’ cities to get extra resources. Destroy their defenses and plunder your rival’s castle.

Help your soldiers to defend your land by creating mountains and digging moats. Take advantage of the terrain to improve your defenses!

Join your friends to build a powerful realm and crush your enemies

- Design your city. Create mountains, and dig holes to defend it.
- Attack other players’ land, and defend yourself from them
- Chat with other players
- All game modes can be played for free
- Sign in to Game Center to play on various devices
- Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


Clash of clans and lords & castles

There are many games like clash of clans but this one isn’t a lot like it like people say which I like, not like an exact copy, it has many differences but is a great game, and the people who don’t even try the game low star it and say “An exact copy of clash of clans” thank you for understanding why this isn’t like clash of clans, also if your looking at this review thinking of downloading it, then download it :D

Similar but better

Very similar to Clash of Clans but so much better. Much more strategy based than CoC. Give it a try and you will enjoy it as well.

a week plus

No point in playing a game when it takes over a week to update a building. I feel bad for those who stick it out and have to wait for months at the higher levels. Btw, I'm not even at level 10. Delete button, here I come.


This game has some of the best graphics for strategy games of its kind. But, that aside, this game is horribly broken. You upgrade a building that need 2hrs, you log back the next day only to find 1:30hrs remaining. The notification system is pretty dulled. The ability to zoom the screen sometimes freezes and you have to restart. All in all, if you wanna give it a try, go ahead but don’t get your hopes high...

Great game

This is such a fun strategy game, but it would not allow me to invite friends using Facebook. I would click the button, but it would not do anything. Other than that, this is a great game.

Very addicting

I got the game a few weeks ago and haven’t stoped playing it sense

Where are the choices?

I want to be a ruler with an iron fist, but the advertised choices won’t show up. Otherwise, pretty good game. But seriously, someone tell me when they show up. Please.


The game is very similar to clash of clans, but it's so much better. This format of the game gives more strategies not just in attacking, but also in defending. Very enjoyable and an efficient time consuming game. This is the first time a strategy game entertains me, and the first most realistic strategy games made in this century. Download this game everyone, I doubt you'll be bored. Good job developers.


This game is pretty fun. It offers a couple of things that are different from some of the other games out right now.

Stole my gold

I was creating a kingdom so I finally earned 20,000 gold then when I went to make the kingdom it said the name was taken so it took the 20,000 gold and the kingdom wasn't made 😠