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Meet Loop:
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Games Free John Zeglarski iPhone, iPad, iPod

A clever shape shifting ring whose sole purpose is to catch Dot.

Meet Dot:
A clever shape shifting ring whose sole purpose is to avoid Loop.

Play as Loop and catch Dot as many times before the enemy catches you. Oh, and before time runs out.
Loop & Dot is a fast paced, speed chase between two iconic friends and the enemy that you play directly from your wrist.


Crashed the watch

I don’t trust this game after it crashed my watch and i has to reset the watch Play at your own risk

was good
Jackson, Michael

good at first but the new update is too much. the game was minimalistic, but sleek. now the animation is just unappealing.

Great iPhone app, bad watch app

The game is amazing, but I wish it supported more complication styles and was optimized for the series 4 apple watch

Great App! Apple Watch Series 4 Support?

Great app! My only issue with this is that being a series 4 Apple Watch owner. The game has not been updated to add support for the larger screen on the Apple Watch Series 4. It would also be nice if you could update the UI so that it was more intuitive and look a bit cleaner on the Apple Watch. Thanks! Also, could you please add me as a beta tester. I have beta tested apps before, and would like to help with the big update coming this summer for the app.


It's a good temporary brain teaser, but does get boring after a while.

Extremely addicting, fun game

Very creative!


very well made. yaas john git gud

Best game in my phone

Loop and dot is a really fun game! It always gets me and when I'm bored (Which is always) I play! Get this app!

Loop and Dot

Addicting game that gets boring.

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