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LookALike is great fun with family and friends. Upload or take a photo and discover which celebrity resembles you the most. Try out various Anime match categories as well such as Naruto, One Piece, One Punch, or Dragon Ball Z!
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Games Free Ali Mohammadian iPhone, iPad, iPod

Or try popular shows like Game of Thrones, Friends, The Office!

If you're a movie-goer, how about The Avengers, or more generally Movie Heroes and Villains?

Our match categories include: "Game of Thrones", "The Avengers", "Movie Heroes", "Movie Villains", "Pop Singers", "Friends", "Instagram Models", "K-Pop Stars", "One Piece Series", "Dragon Ball Series", "Naruto Series", "One Punch Man", "The Office", "Soccer Stars", "Billionaires", "Comedians", and "Rappers"

Purchase more match stars in increments of 20, 80, 150, or 1000. Save more when purchasing in higher amounts!

More categories are continuously being added! Request a category by contacting our LookALike support URL.


Really funny
Summie ❤️

This app was hilarious!! I am a girl and the first time it said I was Indiana Jones! Then I used a pic of my baby brother and then it said Nicki Minaj ???I found it super funny

This game is dumb I mean fun

I’ll Dumb I mean Fun





So good
harmthe fast

So idnicle

Not accurate

It says whatever

...makes sense definitely mhm sure.
Xx UniCat xX

I did a picture of me in a beret and got India Jones.. I’m a dirty blonde female..

This app is the ?

Just dont instsall it


The app is fine I mean I don’t think it’s necessarily accurate in terms of finding a match. For example, I am a boy and got Wonder Woman. I really don’t even look anything like her.

Completely fake

At first I thought it was so great how it will find your celebrity look alike so I tried it on myself and got Harrison Ford then I tried it again with the same picture and got a completely different person then I took a picture of my wall and I got Wonder Woman it’s completely rly fake and just generates random celebrity pictures.