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Look Younger - Perform Plastic Surgery on Photos

Make photos of yourself and others look younger with just a push of a button. Whether you need major work or just a subtle improvement - this app can handle it. Make your skin smooth by removing the wrinkles and imperfections. Transform your portraits fast and easy!
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Making yourself look younger is so EASY!
! Create as many new images as you want. This is a versatile app and is super easy to use!

Now that you've created a younger you, save your new image, share it with friends, use it as your profile photo - the reasons to look great are endless.

Note: Icon provided by https://www.flickr.com/photos/58842866@N08/5388142837


Horrible !

This app doesn't make you look younger all it does is blur and blue and blur. You don't even get to chose little spots to blur, oh no it just blurs the whole entire picture creating a very fake effect to it.

So much no

This app is total crap.it only makes the pictures blurry. Then after the picture is saved it had the app name in bright red letters across my photo!!! No I don't want my blurry picture to be your advertisement. Bye


This app is full of nothing!! Horrible.

Not Good??

It barely made a difference in the look of age. Not Good?


Not much options. Very plain

Does NOTHING - Non-stop ads!

Most you can do (between constant ads) is apply some filters.


Don’t waste your time. This app doesn’t even come close to other apps out there.

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