List Pickle Reviews

3/5 rating based on 7 reviews. Read all reviews for List Pickle for iPhone.
List Pickle is free iOS app published by Atriage Software LLC

Simple and does the job!


We always have office arguments about where to go for lunch, usually because no one can decide or commit. We put all the local restaurants in here and hit the button to let the app decide for us :) free and simple!


Lolipop guru


Keeps crashing


I barely opened the app and it just suddenly crashed. Tried redownloading it but it didn't work..




Mostly Good


It does what it's supposed to. My only real complaint is that the edit/new buttons are slippery and seem to glitch sometimes. If those things were fixed I'd be willing to use it more.

Pickle image


Please get rid of the pickle image when it randomly chooses something to get me out of a pickle. I cant read the text i input into my lists when its in the way.



It's I good app .But it won't open on my iPhone but it opens on my iPod touch just fine

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