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Link 5 is a pure strategy board game without any luck. It's very suitable for teenagers to develop intelligence. Except for enhancing thinking ability, it riches in philosophy that contribute to practice spirituality. Now let the five chess in a row on your iPhone or iPod Touch! We offer you a quite cute style Link 5 with vivid color, just have a try!
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Games Free cheng li iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is played with go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board (14x14 intersections). Black plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
For more detailed rules, please click Help button in game to know.

1.Three levels: Easy, Med and Hard, meeting needs of all players.
2.Undo function.
3.Enable to load game progress.Auto-save when exit or phone ring.
4.Two-player mode enable you to play with friend on this device together.
5.Concise and cute user interface, simple operation and great sound effects.
6.Finger-touch-offset function.

It's believed that you need Link 5 which is good for physical and mental health!

Thank you for downloading this game!
The development of our game depends on your support and encouragement, we are honoured to get your praise, and be modest in absorbing criticism. We will continually improve it and offer you a better game.

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