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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS



Come back my money the game



It would be sooooo good if you made a new quest every other month . That would be dope . Please do it . This game would be so much better if you added new journeys every months . PLEASE do this 🙂

No Sound!

Kung Foo Boy

I love everything about this game and would give 5 stars but,the only way to get audio to work is either to uninstall/reinstall or turn off/on?? I have new iPad Pro,all other games/apps have sound working perfectly,very frustrating,do not like playing this game with no sound,it ruins the whole experience.Should work on iPad Pro,....Bug fix?,Help/Feedback Please!

Limbo is incredible


Best mobile game I’ve ever played, as far as suspense and fear go very top notch, very much like it’s spiritual sister game inside, but much darker in many ways, so worth $3.99.

So good and beautiful

D pooly

I am playin on a iPhone X and the graphics are beautiful and the game end is so amazing and depressing ate the same time it could have better controls but overall it deserves 5/5

Won without a single death


praise me I need outside validation for my mediocre video game accomplishments that most likely anyone could achieve given enough time and practice. On the real tho beautiful and fun game with amazing atmosphere. One of the faves.

Great game but


You should add more levels or make a limbo 2 I love the gameplay



Such a great game, just throws you in and lets you figure it out yourself. Love the puzzles.



This is by far my favourite mobile game. It’s dark, it’s challenging, and it’s constantly stumping me without frustrating me to the point where I’d want to stop playing. There’s no wait for game play or lives to worry about. No ads or pop ups to Bother my play time. And the imagery is fantastic! Easy to play for long or short periods of time. Truly my favourite game.

Cannot delete completely


The app gets very annoying. It stuck in my iPhone. I tried many ways to delete it, but it just did not disappear. The game does not seem interesting to me. I regretted my purchase.