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Lifease - Smart organizer to make your life easier!
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Productivity $1.99 VIGSTORE COMPANY LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

Lifease is an organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich advanced features set, including:


• Supports multiple calendars, color code and put them in the same view.
• Lunar date is supported.
• Fully integrated with built-in contacts.
• Supports multiple contexts for task, event and note. Each context can have its own time set.
• Tasks and notes are integrated with calendar events.
• Free/Busy shows you how much free time you have left in a day.
• Flexible weekday starts and working time.


• Events, tasks and notes can be created anywhere with one tap.
• Drag and drop task, event and note anywhere to change its time automatically or convert it quickly or make link to other quickly.


• Schedule your tasks one by one, in groups, or all at once.
• Smart scheduler for your tasks with booking feature to get your tasks into calendar.


• Sub tasks can be formatted as checklists in each task or event so you know what needs to be done and what you have already accomplished.
• Multiple notes per day.
• Many kinds of note: text note, hand drawing note, voice note, video note, photo note...or combining all of them into one note.
• Many kinds of drawing supported: solid or outline line, different color...
• Many kinds of text format: font, styles, color...
• Directly create task or event from a note or part of note.
• Tasks, events, notes and contacts can be linked together to make workflows.
• They can also attach photos, audios, videos, document files... not just inside your device, but also from web.
• Many kinds of filtering events, tasks, notes and contacts.
• Show your tasks, events, notes and contacts that are around your location, on an embedded map.


• Tasks can be timed, just set the timer.
• Support count up and count down.
• Timer logs can be exported to many kinds of file format.
• Set multiple timing for a single task.


• Task can be directly synced with Google tasks, built-in Reminders and Toodledo.
• Event can be directly synced with Google calendar and built-in calendar, where you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, etc.
• Easy to keep your data across your devices with iCloud Drive.
• Your data can be automatically (or manually) backed up for future restoring.


• Data can be printed anywhere.
• Data can be exported as PDF/Photos and sent via email.


• Clean looking and easy to use.
• Minimal taps to enter your data.

More and more advanced features need you to explore...


Lifease has potential

***Updated*** Thanks to the developer for a solid update. Moving from 3* to 4*. I feel like I have been here before with this company. They have a new app, it does an amazing job and then bam, the stability issues ariseI! Currently this app really struggles syncing with iPhone calendars. Works great with google! I am hopeful for an update

Wow! THE organizer app

I'm blown away at the functional capacity of the LifeEase app! I'm reviewing too soon so this may change...I have all of their other apps so I had to try this one. I rate it 5 stars because I've searched and waited for years, since the first iPad 2011, to get all of these features in one app. I've heavily used other apps for years and requested missing features found in this one app. Looking forward to deleting other apps because this one does everything. Killer Calendar App. First, there's no subscription for full features. Big Thank You! That events, notes, tasks, and contacts are integrated is incredible!! Similar apps are useless for me without maps and live links minimum - which this app has, very few others do, and I've had to use multiple apps to duplicate what this single app does. Attachment imports from device and web?! Great! Export into different formats, also great! All are game changers. I could go on but it would just be repeating the description. Honorable mention for thecountdown to next event. Hopefully an Apple Watch large complication with the next scheduled events and tasks items is in the works.

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