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Levels Counter for Munchkin

Enjoy a simple level counter for keeping track of your current level, along with your equipment level and single-turn level, in the game of Munchkin!
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Get to level 10!

• Level Tracking
• Dice Roller
• Multiple Players in Single App


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Very useful, but missing one thing
Jay B B

This is a very useful tracker for the individual players in a game. But it is missing one thing... the ability to add in the strength of a helper. The app already tracks each player. If you ask someone for help, it should be able to add their gear and level values to yours, for a combat. One shots could all pile on the active player, I suppose.

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Found it very useful
Haus hey de mann

I played a game with 4 others and it was difficult to keep track of all of our levels. It was great with the multiplayer’s functionality and how you can have your equipment level. It really was great when others would constantly walk by and start conversation with the group and we would forget who was what level. One complaint/request is instead of an ‘end turn’ (which I did not find necessary) a ‘previous player’ function when on the ‘Levels’ Page. This way you can return to the previous player instead of only hitting the ‘next player’ several times. Another cool function would be if there could be a stat for the current monster + added effects on monster. Or even a ‘add help’ for when requesting help from another player. Overall, while I could see some improvements, it does more than I originally thought, and find it to be greatly useful.

Perfect app

All you could need to play the game, no muss no fuss

Just what I needed

Super simple, no need to keep track of my level manually anymore.

The best app for Munchkin

This app is simply design to be the best most straight forward level counting app. It works great and is better than any other rpg counting app out there.

Great app!!
Hannah Sanger

Works great for what it's made for! I recommend to anyone who plays the game. πŸ‘πŸ»

Tastes great
Big Booty Boi

Tastes even better than the expensive name brand flavor!

Thank you

My life is changed forever

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