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Download LetterSlider Original Free - The Word Search Slider Puzzle Game to Play with Friends and Family

LetterSlider Original Free - The Word Search Slider Puzzle Game to Play with Friends and Family

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• "…an addictive word game that will keep your hands and eyes glued to your iPhone." - Yahoo!

• "LetterSlider is definitely one of those apps that is simply difficult enough to keep your attention for quite sometime." - PCMag.com

• "This is one app which anyone of any age will love…" - DailyJoypad.co.uk

• "LetterSlider is an equally simple and charming word based puzzle game with a unique approach." - Indiegamemag.com

• "LetterSlider is a brilliantly challenging word game, which will transfix you for hours!" - FanAppic.com

• App Store Rankings: #12 Word Game in U.S. | Top 5 Word Games - 21 countries | Top 25 Puzzle Games: 25 countries | Top 50 Games Overall: 5 countries | Top 200 Overall Apps: 12 countries


Introducing the FREE version of LetterSlider -- an addictively challenging word search slider puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

LetterSlider is one of the most original and thought-provoking word building contests to hit the App Store in years. The objective is to form words by sliding lettered tiles into place, trying to score the most points, spell the most words, accomplish achievements and a whole lot more before the clock runs out. LetterSlider is fun for all ages.

* Score the most points
* Spell the most words

* Zero ads!
* Play 2-minute or 5-minute games!
* No 20-second delay between games!
* Score the most points on a single word!
* Spell the longest word!
* Spell the most bonus words!
* Spell the most words in a row!
* Accomplish all 68 achievements!
* Move up the 8 Game Center leaderboards!
* View all the words you spelled correctly!
* Shake your device to clear selected tiles!
* See your game and all-time slide numbers!
* Get your hands on some LetterSlider badges!

* Share your scores on Twitter or Facebook!
* Free regular updates!

* 24 English lettered and point valued tiles
* 2 of them are 2x and 3x word bonus tiles
* Strategically slide tiles using single blank space to form words
* Select tiles by tapping or dragging your finger over them

Download LetterSlider Free for your iPhone or iPod Touch today!

More Information: LetterSlider.com
Super Quick Support: [email protected]
Become a Fan: http://www.facebook.com/LetterSlider
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I like it!

It reminds me of scramble with friends but does the thing I always wanted -- rearrange the letters to create bigger words!

More fun and addicting alternative

The ability to slide the letter leaves for infinite possibilities with words. Much more fun than the basic word games out there.

Great App

Very entertaining, highly recommend!

Great potential… but…
fatty-O daddy-O on the patio

It seems like such an awesome idea for a game. It has all of the features I enjoy. It's timed, it is puzzle-ish, it has word building, etc. but… Game play was really frustrating. The tile sliding had an awful feel. You slide a tile and it feels like it was stuck in molasses. I started feeling anxious and annoyed because the tiles moved so slowly. Also, sometimes when trying to slide a tile you end up selecting tiles. AARGH.

Letter slider

Why does it have to be timed? I do these word games to relax so this one doesn't work for me, sorry. If you could make an UNtimed mode I'll try it again.

Don't download !!!!

It looked like a fun game but I played it once then I tried to play again and it closed. Every time . I had to delete it.


Game stinks because ads completely take over. Some won't go away unless you completely shut down game. How stupid is that?

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