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Let's TAP : Rhythm Tap Free

World's first! You don't even have to hold your iPhone/iPod touch to play the game!
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Games Free PROPE Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

New style rhythm game, simply keep up with the tempo
Tap with timing as if you are playing some percussion
Aim for higher score, utilizing strong and weak taps is the key!
Total of 20 fine tunes available, they are all pre-installed.
(You can enjoy the 5 tracks in free version.)


Three super-instinctive control styles!

You can choose from the original "Tap" style which you can play
the game without even touching your iPhone/iPod touch,
or "Free" style which you can tap any part of your device,
or standard "Touch" style which you tap the screen.


World's first! Even penguins can play this game!

Put your iPhone/iPod touch on a table or a box, then simply tap the surface!

No more button-mash or complex commands, all you need is TAP!
Control is so simple this game is for everyone, or every penguin!
Everybody Let's TAP!


Original soundtrack "Let's TAP Digital Sounds - LP" is available on iTunes Store!

"Let's TAP Digital Sounds - LP" includes tunes from "Let's TAP", created by popular videogame sound creators
Go check it out!


Get the Japan games on the American market

It's a great game I have owned the original let's tap game for about 5 years and I waited for all the other game modes on phone but it's in Japan (or it was took down.) so plz addd it to the American App Store plz because it's been 8 years... Eight! So at least respond because I love this game to this day so please try to get it to the American game store. Thx

Awesome game that no one knows about

A really cool game like nothing else on the iPhone and iPod touch it's awesome


Applause and hats off to the creators of this awesome game! Updates with more awesome music is in order!!  Love it! let me hear it out there those of you who love this!


Please make an iPad version of all these games...maybe a suite for $9.99. This import is one of my favorite Wii games and I would love to take these on the road with me!! This small version isn't enough...Give us more!

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