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Legacy Quest requires iOS 8 / iPhone 5, New iPad or higher devices for smooth game play. Some devices under the specification of those might encounter some crashes. You’ll need a network connection to play.
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Games Free Socialspiel Entertainment GmbH iPhone, iPad, iPod

Beautiful 3D Retro Pixel Action Role Playing Game!
Be prepared to experience a heroic journey unfold before your very own eyes!
Run, dodge, hack, slash and enjoy non-stop action with Legacy Quest!

*** Do not fear the Reaper! The real fun begins after death!
The next descendant in your bloodline must continue the journey to reclaim the legacy of your family! Build your family legacy with the souls of your victims, and the new heroes you adopt along your journey.

*** Beautiful and unique 3D voxel-like world full of wonders to discover!
Explore the stunning 3D cubed world of Legacy Quest! Venture throughout murky underground dungeons, rock melting volcanoes, humid swamps, frosty glaciers, endless forests, and spot the lost oasis in the sandy deserts!

*** Collect, create, and enjoy! Craft legendary weapons and gear to take on your enemies.
Collect cubelets and craft epic, monster-slaying weapons and gear! Upgrade and customize your heroes before sending them into battle!

Are you having problems? Visit http://goo.gl/b9KyBz or
contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

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※ Official Page : http://legacyquest.nexon.com
※ Official Forum : http://m.nexon.com/forum/16
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I started playing this game i thought was gonna be great i gave it one star beacause i barely got to play befor it crashed plz fix this bug asap ps the title wasnt my idea blame my sister

Doesn't work!

Once I get in the game or try to bring it up it glitches and brings me out of the game. It brought the game up twice before but glitches in between the story and brings me out again. What I've seen about the game is pretty good but I don't like the glitches!

Legacy Quest

How do you play as a male?

63% then game crashes.

When I try to load whatever it needs too, it goes to 63% and crashes. I don't know why because this could of most likely been a good game.

Hate the new update

Hello developers I have a request! Please return the skill books to the store! I have no other use of my skulls I receive via daily quests and honestly there is no other way to level up your skills unless you buy a random skill book and get lucky having one you already own. If this is not returned in the next update I'm out.

No cloud save

The game is great but I have to restart cause it wouldn't update greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat righttttttttttttttt

Pretty good game

It's a good game, very fun. But for some reason. It wants me to equip a passive and I only have one passive and it's already equipped and it won't un equip and i can't do anything else. Fix it please


Seriously one of my favorite games of the year so far! Some of these stages are downright amazing looking. Great gameplay and several different classes to try! Oh and awesome loot :)


It's basically Diablo for kids. It could be better without the energy system,but that can be said for practically every new f2p mobile game. That and healing potions shouldn't cost premium currency that is hard to obtain. The gameplay has frame rate drops left and right as well. Had it not been for those issues,legacy quest could've toppled every other hack n' slash in the App Store. And to anyone thinking about downloading the game...make sure your device is supported before complaining about crashes. EDIT: The new update fixed literally none of the problems people were complaining about. If you release a f2p game,the only things that should cost premium currency should be cosmetic and cosmetic only. For now if you're interested in downloading this game,save your time and go get dungeon quest.

Don't waste your time

So if my hero dies and I don't have a scroll or the souls to resurrect I have to give up? After weeks of building up her stats that's it?! Stupidest game ever. Don't waste your time. App deleted.