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Is your new year's resolution to get in shape? Want to start running? This 5-in-1 app contains five 8 week training programs. These will get you running 1 mile, 5k, or 10k. There are also bridge programs from 1 mile to 5k and 5k to 10k.
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Health & Fitness $2.99 reid holmes iPhone, iPad, iPod

This app is ideal for running inside on a treadmill or outdoors. Each running program consists of 24 unique workouts to gradually train your body to run longer than you ever have before. By slowly acclimatizing your body you can run longer each session while reducing your likelihood of injury.

Learn to Run is flexible: if a workout is too easy, skip ahead; if a workout is too difficult, try it as many times as you need to until you can comfortably move up to the next level.

Main features:

→ 1 mile (3.2 k) 8 week program with 24 unique workouts
→ 5k (3.1 miles) 8 week program with 24 unique workouts
→ 10k (6.2 miles) 8 week program with 24 unique workouts
→ 1 mile to 5k 8 week program with 24 unique workouts
→ 5k to 10k 8 week program with 24 unique workouts
→ Workouts gradually increase over 8 weeks
→ Flexible schedules make it easy to skip ahead or repeat workouts
→ Audible cues to tell you when to run or walk
→ Calculates calories burned
→ Calculates distance travelled (if outdoors with GPS enabled)
→ Supports phones and tablets (great for treadmill workouts)
→ No in-app purchases; everything is included!

Start running today!

→ If Learn to Run is helping you get in shape, please rate it 5 stars!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. If you are running inside or are concerned about battery usage, you can disable the GPS in the options page within the app.


Easy to use.
Laura C

Nice to have the audio at intervals and the 5k-10k program.

Great but

Need to fix so it doesn't shut off my music. I don't want to use 2 devices when running! Would be five if that was fixed.

Updated: Great now!

Updated review: they fixes most of my cons--thank you! So much better now! 5 stars! Pros: The workout schedule is a decent one for all three training goals and it gives an audio alert into each next step. Also nice that you have the option to use gps to track mileage and pace. Cons: if you're listening to music during your run, each audio alert stops the music and you have to turn it back on. The audio alert is tone only--a voice prompt would be better even though you're really only switching between running and walking. There is no way to customize your own plan or to add weeks. There is also no way to remove a "check" mark for a workout and you get a check for just starting it. BUGS: even though I configured it to use imperial units, it's still displaying km for distance and km/hr for speed. I paid $1.99 and it isn't worth that. All you really get is a workout schedule and a timer, but you lose the ability to listen to your music while you work out. Print a schedule from the Internet, use your interval timer on your running watch and use your iPod or iPhone for tunes!

Time keeper
Vegan lady

My treadmill time doesn't jive with the app. Anyone have this problem mi compared my treadmill to a stopwatch and it was correct. The learn to run time is less than the treadmill

Good but needs more info

This is a really good app but I wish the developers included suggested speeds to begin with and also what to tick them up to as you go through the program. The more advanced could adjust them upward as needed. Since this is a "learn to" app, they really should have provided starting points for beginners like myself.

Total disappointment!!!

I have tried everything to get this app to function properly with NO luck! I cannot get the auto prompts to work at all which means I have to hold my phone the entire time I am running so I can see when it's time to walk or run. I started this program with friends so unfortunately I am stuck with it.

No meat please

Great app. I use it with pandora radio and the music does not shut off. It keeps me from getting bored during my workout.

Ok, but not great

I chose this one because it has a 1 mile setting. The problem is that if you leave the app open, it doesn't just pause the music for alerts, it often stops it altogether and it doesn't restart, but if you leave your playlist open, you don't hear the alert at all (closing both results in the first situation). It's really frustrating to have it either cut off your music completely, or not alert you at all. All my other apps just turn down the music for the alert and then turn it back up (mail, FB, twitter, text messages, etc). It would be great if it had a setting for treadmills as well. Trying to speed up a treadmill for 5 seconds, then slow it back down is not easy (by time you've sped it up, you have to slow it down again). This app has a ton of potential, if it'd fix the bugs in the alert systerm and add in a treadmill setting (I've seen very few good apps with one) I can see giving it a 5 star rating.

Great app; amazing if updated

This app is great for people who really need to "learn to run" I've never been a runner but I'm slowly on my way! Need to fix: music issue. It would be amazing if I could listen to music between intervals without it getting shut off! Imperial issue.

Need help!

I downloaded this app on my ipad and it doesn't seem to work. No clock, music, tones. I've looked everywhere for an email address to write publisher for help, but haven't been able to find it. Would love to give this app a try. Any suggestions of what to do next???