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Lawn Mower Simulator 2021

Are you ready to work? Ready to cut the grass?
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Welcome to our new game, plunge into the simulator of cutting grass in full and for a long time.

In the game you will find a variety of levels that will be even more with new updates.

Choose what you will work with, on a tractor or a lawn mower or a trimmer, the game does not limit you in the choice.
Lawn-mower simulator:
Play without limits, no time, just you and your work.
A pleasant atmosphere and music will plunge you even more into the grass cutting simulator
What should I do?
Take a tool and go to the territory, you need to cut all the grass on the lawn to get a reward and go to the store for a new tool or equipment, everything is very simple,
Have a nice game!


Ads, oh and some more ads

Deleted solely based on all the ads. Ads pop up even when you press the ‘Pause’ button. That’s ridiculous.


Отлично приложенный м

Won’t work

The app won’t open when I try to open it. I’ve tried for three days and it won’t let me in

Cant use tractor or lawn mower

The game is fun but I bought both the lawn mower and tractor and it took my money and says they are still locked and I am unable to use them

Ad every 5 seconds

This is the worst experience I’ve had with ads. You get one for completing a level choosing a level and even pausing the game. Unless you enjoy watching an ad for more time than you play the game don’t download!

Too many ads

I know games have to have ads to make money, but the amount on this game is way too much. You click the pause button you get an ad, you exit to the main menu you get an ad, every time you hit a button AD. Kinda outrageous in my opinion.


the best mower simulator


perfect game

pretty sick app.

this game is a pretty sick app.


Won’t let me buy push mower

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