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Last Nights at Horror

You got lost in a small village when you were driving along an unfamiliar road, around a bend you suddenly lose control and fall down the hill.
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You have no choice but to enter the old abandoned building. Now you're alone in the dark ...
Wandering along the corridors of the building your nerves to the limit, your heart is filled with fear, gloomy scary sounds, voices, ghosts, and zombies!

You need to be extremely careful to stay alive, take care of each cartridge, do not let enemies in, search every corner.


End of game?
Pee woo

Needs a better ending than that.Otherwise great game.I hope that you have more planed with the shotgun.?Keep up the great work ?


It so bad the gun does like no damage takes 6 shot in the head to kill a zombie and it has the same stupid jump scare ever time actually it’s not even a jump scare it a Stupid looking zombie in a hospital gown running across a hallway the game is so trash and the graphics oh my god there so bad the only fun part out of the entire game was where u got to drive that car to the mansion and after that pure garbage don’t try to even waste ur time

I beaters the game but...

I got to beat the game then it said that the game ended but I’m still in the house it’s confusing

Where can I buy the rest of the game?!

This game is so nicely done! From the driving of the car at the very beginning to the legitimately scary jump scares throughout the game, this game is TOP NOTCH!!! My only problem with it is, just as it’s getting good and you’ve acquired the shotgun-IT ENDS! To the developers: I would TOTALLY BUY THE FULL VERSION if y’all offered it! Also, why is the layout of this game almost EXACTLY like the layout in “BUTCHER X”???!!