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Kungfu Anime is free iOS app published by Silvia The



It is good some there is only 3 characters. But fine.

Thank you Type-Moon for Melty HD


I gotta say, I was skeptical when I first saw this, but after playing I can truly say that this is a worthy successor to Melty Blood. While the roster may be small, it’s in the gameplay that it counts. It’s surprising that French Bread was able to get this amazing game to run on mobile as well as it does. The constant frame rate is also great. My one major complaint is that there’s no online mode, but we all know how good steam’s Melty’s online mode was. Overall, I’d highly recommend this to any Type-Moon/Tsukihime fan, or anyone itching for a quality mobile fighter.



I’ve never played such a great fighting game before. This game rivals mortal combat, injustice, meltyblood, street fighters, and dragon ball Z. The combos are beautiful and so immersive. The sounds are god tier and angelic. This game is hella dope this game is possibly meltyblood 3 & knuckles. I love playing this game instead of doing my history homework!!!

Best mobile fighting game.


I've got work in six hours, I was supposed to be in bed two hours ago but I can't stop practicing the same combo over and over... My wrist is on fire, my fingers feel broken but my mind and soul are in esctacy. 11/10 Would give myself arthritis again.



Just horrible it should be deleted

Terrible ad placement.


My very first game an ad played as soon as the match started. As I listened to the ad I could hear my character being killed in the background. When the ad ended I returned to see that I obviously lost BUT THE SAME AD I JUST WATCHED PLAYED RIGHT BACK . Safe to say I instantly uninstalled.

Did you test this?


When I went to find some fighting games I saw this game which doesn’t have stars or reviews so I feel like giving the game a try. All we have are 3 characters that’s all and me I don’t care. The only thing I care about in these games are gameplay and it’s not good. We just have a punch and kick option with a special attack which us and computer players can spam. I was trying to make combos (because a fighting game should have) but there’s no combos I can make. This game have potential okay. Creator please test the game and make sure that people want to play this game. Thank you and that’s my review.



Seriously, an ad when you get in the app, an ad that last 1-2 rounds which results in an auto loss, and a low selection of characters. Also, noticed that this fighting game is so similar to many others. :/