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Kube Shapes is the one puzzle game you will want to own so you can play it again and again! Kube Shapes is a geometry puzzle that requires you to insert predefined shapes into a puzzle grid. Kube Shapes games are timed, so you can race to finish a whole cube and track your progress through the High Scores feature where the best 10 game times are listed.
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Kube Shapes offers you three levels of difficulty on each of the 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 puzzle grids. Try out the easy level and progress through the hard and expert levels. Use the built-in timer to test yourself against the clock!

Our unique Kube Shapes brings you the ultimate puzzle in a cube format - allowing you to work on up to 6 puzzles at once. You just have to swipe-left, right, up or down to move from puzzle to the next. Get stuck on one side, go ahead and start the next puzzle on a different side of the cube and return to the previous one whenever you are ready.

Kube Shapes includes some key features that you will find invaluable as you work through your solutions - if you need a hint, go ahead and have Kube Shapes complete a shape for you and the ability to save the puzzle so you can make progress on the those very hard puzzles and return to complete them at a later time.


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