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Kube Rush

Slide through the tunnel as far as you can it this unique and challenging one-touch game!
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Games Free Mass Creation Sp. z o. o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Tap to turn and avoid holes and obstacles. Collect spheres and unlock awesome KUBES!

Can you beat the score?


Too heavy with ads to even tell if game worth playing.

Look, I get it. You have to make money. You design a game and you should be compensated somehow for creating fun things for us. But FRAK IT...how about holding back on the ads for several minutes or several levels, to give me time to simply learn and try the game out, before you hit me with invasive ads that make me wait for several minutes to load before I can play again? Seriously, first time I tried to play: 2 seconds of play with unfamiliar controls, crashed, failed...then immediately got an ad screen that made me wait while it "loaded preview" of some other game that I did not want nor had any interest in. Dial back your greed, Mass Creation. This looked like an interesting game, but that blatant, annoying, frustrating tactic lost you a potential customer and earned you this bad review.

Super cool!

Once I noticed that the music responded to the player's touches and that each kube played a different instrument sound, the game became even more fun to play! This should be in the store description, because it's a nice feature and can go unnoticed. I would like to see Everyplay integration so we could share our runs/jams! ? And how about making a soundtrack available for download?



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