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Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard Simulator

What is like to be the largest lizard of the modern world? Get to know with Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard Simulator!
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Live the life of giant monitor lizard - roam across hills and forests, hunt wild deer, boars and other prey, fight for your territory and life against predators like wolves and bears, and have fun with Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard Simulator!
Play as the enormous monitor lizard! Hunt, chase, kill and feed on herbivores, fight against other predators, raise up nestlings and have fun! Fight against lions, wolves and even crocodiles for prey and territory! Roam across hills, plains, and forests like an aggressively scaled beast like Velociraptor of old times!
Become the real menace for local boar, deer, and zebras! Be stealthy - stalk your prey during the night, strike at the right time and kill! Mind your hunger and a health indicator – if one of them drops, your chances to survive here would fell too! Hunt and kill – you can feed on any corpse, be it herbivore, carnivore or same dragon as you!
Earn point for successive mission completion to raise up your skills – and buy a new type of attack – fury attack! Unleash the power of your rage and anger against your enemies! Feel no mercy – even bear should fear your anger! There is no animal more dangerous than you here!
Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard Simulator features:
Feel like a giant monitor lizard
Mate and raise up nestlings
Unlock special attacks like rage attack
Enjoy amazing 3D graphics
Start your own wild adventure as a giant monitor lizard – Komodo Dragon! Crawl your way through the forest with Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard Simulator!


Its ok
Kvngdom ca

It's a little laggy but still good

Good but not the best
Eliska Soffa

The Komodo dragon can't run and every time I kill a animal it gives me 25 coins and the Komodo dragon skin I want costs 4000 coins do you know how do you how many animals that is? And I can't find a Komodo dragon to be me mate and every time I leave home I starve from not eating or get hunted by a bigger animal.

Good but not my favorite
Moreland El

I like the game but it's not my favorite make it better please maybe I'll just put five star ⭐️?

Good ?

Good for the most part doesn't lag that much for me

Good but

PLEASE READ. I love it but SO MENY ADS!!!!??????

No food no kids

I can't get enough food for the children! Aside from that it's a good game.


Until the ads get reduced or none at all the rating will stay as a one star

Can't join☹️

When I just got the app hoping I could play it shut down. I did this 3 times a day and still can't join.I checked my service and doesn't work DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM. ???

Needs potential
Komodo king

Is good game but so much potential in it ?reason i say this to many adds it makes you crash and people are going to get angry ??

Great idea but.......

Love the idea but they made it way to hard

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