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The kitchen restaurant clean up game is a fun clean up game that is great for anyone who may like a challenge and who likes to beat the clock. This clean up kitchen game gives you a chance to clean up your messy kitchen before the time runs out while collecting points along the way. You will need to either throw the rubbish away or place the utensils back in their rightful place on the shelves and in the cupboards. So if you like to challenge yourself, then why not try this fun kitchen restaurant clean up game today and see if you can beat the clock.
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Needs Better Help

The help screen consists of a one-sentence synopsis. You kind of have to figure out the controls yourself. The game's kinda fun, but I can't get past Level 1, since I can't get the cupboards to close (only highlight). Kinda ruins the game. Developers: release a small patch with a better help screen ASAP, please!

Really beatiful
Is really beatiful

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