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'Kissed A Girl' is the hottest new party app for the iPhone!
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Whether you're at a party or just deciding who needs to order pizza, 'Kissed A Girl' has got you covered. Go ahead, see who your cherry chapstick lands on next.

'Kissed A Girl' features four unique spinners such as cherry chapstick and beer, water, and wine bottles. Each spinner comes with its own custom background, so you can 'spin the bottle' whether you're traveling, hanging out with friends, or trying to kiss that special someone.

So what are you waiting for? Be the life of the party, download 'Kissed A Girl' today--it's free!


Tim Mills

Words cannot describe the magnitude from the creation of this application. It's as if da Vinci painted a second Mona Lisa. John Dlugokecki, thank you.

hands down

the best "spin-the-bottle" app on itunes

Must Have

For anybody trying to decide who to kiss...and so much more!

One rockin party
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Went to a party last weekend and I didn't really know anyone. I could tell that people weren't having any fun, so I got a few people to play Truth or Dare using Kissed A Girl app. Almost instantaneously, the party became a blast, and I have a bunch of crazy stories thanks to the Kissed A Girl app. Everyone really enjoyed the 4 different flavors to really mix the game up. Great app!!!!

Dumbest app

Do not get it is the dumbest app in the world it is stupid.all you do is make the stuff go around

Dumb game
Star girl 02

This is a waste if gigabites don't even waste your time looking at it


I kisseeeeedddd my crush