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KingCraft - Sweet Candy Match

Join two young princes to splash fruit and swap jewels in this match 3 puzzle game. Fly on your dragon and conquer new lands to be the king of all the islands. Complete the puzzles with the best score to transform the villages into big cities and produce more gold for your kingdom! Shoot down the strongholds and besiege the castles of the counts, dukes and kings, only then you can claim the throne and crown. Don’t stay frozen and be the most valorous knight of the empire with this original swap and splash game!
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Download Kingcraft - Blast and Splash for free, and swap & combine harvests in this Match 3 puzzle quest adventure with a twist!

Help the prince and the princess to conquer all the kingdoms and become the king or queen of Kingcraft. Fly through lots of mythical islands and discover all the adventures and quests. Beats the puzzles to own the cities you’ll find in growing areas, forests or mountains. Besiege all the villages and castles and use power ups to blast and splash all the levels of this medieval kingdom: bombs, hammers, picks, butterflies, dragon eggs…

The better you play, the more gold you WIN, to expand your empire and conquer the crown before your friends! Travel through all the magical worlds and achieve hundreds of cities by swapping or splashing fruits and jewels through challenging puzzles. Discover the delightful adventures that await for you and change the way you play on a farm with this medieval conquer game.

Join the heroic prince and the brave princess in this endless adventure. Ride your cute and powerful dragon and fly over the land of Kingcraft. But be careful and don’t let yourself to be captured in the castle, trying to combine and splash tons of strawberries, lemons, oranges, watermelons… And swap and blast thousands of gems, jewels, diamonds... that is the only way to regain the throne and the crown of the royalty of Kingcraft.

Try this ORIGINAL puzzle quest game with a twist!

Check out the dragons, fairies, fortresses and castles of the royal kingdom of Kingcraft in this trailer:


Discover and forge your own path by defeating all the Lords of Kingcraft and getting their crowns.
Start as a knight and increase your rank by besieging the fortresses and the palaces to rescue and save the princess.
Travels from city to city overcoming the challenges and produce more goods for your empire.
Connect different fruits, metals and jewels, each one has its own value: gems, rubies, copper, iron, pears… and fill your chest with tons of gold!

Choose your favourite character: will you select the little prince to become the king or will you prefer the princess to become the queen?
Non-lineal gameplay so you can choose how to expand your kingdoms.
Experience different maps and missions and make the most by obtaining the best score!
You’ll need to farm, match and conquer all in the same game!

Colorful and cheerful, full of amazing light effects.
Easy to play but hard to master, adults and children will enjoy playing!
Lots of adventures, puzzles, missions and quests that will attract to everyone.

Visit the kingdoms of your buddies and compete against them!
Challenge your colleagues in epic battles, defeat them and earn more gold!
Sync with Facebook to see the score of your friends, send them gold or ask them for it.

Download now and start smashing fruits in this highly addictive match 3 puzzle game for free. Will you be able to overcome the magical quests and achieve the glory?



Fun Times

Love this game!

Fun Game
Frog Island Sam

Give it a try.

Slow loading
oh my god are you kidding me

Love playing this game but sometimes it won’t open so I have to uninstall and reinstall. Pain in the butt please fix

Loading problem

Always have loading problems upon opening the app. I have to delete app and upload it again..that’s the time i will open. Nice game but interruptions like that is so disappointing. Hope this will be fix.


I love the game but there are some bugs that need to be fixed. When you login through Facebook and I go to some friends invitations it will not do it it says I have no friends. Every time I get off the game and get back on it just keeps saying loading loading loading and never goes to the game. So I have to delete the app and re-download it every time very unhappy with some of these issues.

Fix it!

I have been doing the delete and re install for about a month now. I have contacted customer response. Seriously, fix this if you want people to keep playing your game. 4/8/18. I’m done. It’s been 2 weeks since my last review and this game is still not fixed. Love the game....hate that the developers don’t bother to update/fix bugs. There are too many other fun similar games out there to put up with this.


I love this game, but ready for the new levels. Plus, I am having issues. I keep having to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. All I can play now is the joust.



Need more islands!

Been finished with the current islands for quite a while...would love some more!

Love this game

But please fix it!!! I’m getting so tired of deleting and reinstalling it three or four times a day! The next time I delete it may be the last time!!!