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Killer Escape 2 - Room Escape Game

You escaped from 'The Burner' in episode 1 and climbed up a ladder to the level above.
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Greeted by a blood soaked floor and some doors with 'The surgery' written on them you have no choice but to go through them. There is no way back, only onwards and upwards!
What fresh horrors will this place reveal and what can you discover about who is doing all this?
More importantly can you escape again?


Stay away!!!

Do not waste your time on this one. Has a bug where the inventory won't open. Without your inventory game is useless. I have waited since day one for an update to fix it but nothing and no response from the devs. Just another scam.

Killer escape 2

Help.any one else having a problem with the drop down menu for the items that you collect and every time I do find something it shows it as a number.

Big dude1

does not work the upper menu button

Cant open inventory!!!!

Wld probably give this 4-5 stars if it was actually possible to play the game. You cant open the inventory to get to the items you picked up. I see the grey double arrows for the inventory at the top of screen but nothing happens when u tap on it (tried tapping it in every way possible and 1000+ times and tried swiping it, etc) Frustrating. Pls fix. Liked the last game and this one cld be good if bug was fixed.

Can't open inventory

I Can't open inventory

When is the new sequel to this game
CoasterCraft Productions

I want to get more sequels for the fun of it I want you to update this to play it properly asap

Can't open inventory

Would give this game a much higher rating if I could actually play it. The inventory is impossible to open.

What is going on?!
Andrew Gracia

I can't get into the inventory. Fix it, then i might be able to rate it.

Can't open inventory
Naki Uchiha

I can't open the inventory


I can't open my inventory it's horrible I thought it was good at first when u get the towel around u but I can't open my inventory the maker was lazy