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★★★★★ Learning concepts has never been this fun. My kids and students love this game!
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Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Photo Touch Concepts is an exciting educational game that helps your child rapidly learn to understand important concepts by sight, sound, and touch. The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in using this app.


✔ The app is fun an easy to use
✔ Clear pictures make learning and explaining new concepts fun
✔ HUGE library of pictures and concepts - up to 1000 unique examples included
✔ You can turn individual concepts ON or OFF and introduce one new concept at a time or mix them all up together
✔ With this app kids love learning
✔ The app is beautifully designed which makes it great for kids of all ages and all abilities
✔ You can customize the success sounds so your kids can hear encouragements in mommy's and daddy's voice


✔ Gorgeous pictures keep kids engaged
✔ The app is fun, simple, and easy to use
✔ Kids love hearing encouragements in mommy's or daddy's voice
✔ Wrong answers do not interfere with gameplay
✔ Huge variety of pictures and different concepts prevent kids from getting bored


Before vs. after

✔ Identify the item with the correct color

✔ Above and below (e.g. touch the item below the line)
✔ Left and right (e.g. touch the item facing right)
✔ Left, middle, right (e.g. touch the item on the left)
✔ Big and small (e.g. touch the bigger item)
✔ Locations (e.g. touch the item on top)
✔ Corners (e.g. touch the item in the bottom right)
✔ Directions (e.g. touch the arrow pointing up)
✔ Longer and shorter (e.g. touch the longer item)
✔ Matching (e.g. touch the similar item)
✔ More or less (e.g. touch the plate with more items)
✔ On the line (e.g. touch the item closets to the line)
✔ Difference (e.g. touch the item that's different)
✔ Shapes (e.g. touch the circular item)
✔ Shortest vs. tallest (e.g. touch the tallest item)
✔ Sizes - basic (e.g. touch the big item)
✔ Sizes - advanced (e.g. touch the largest item)
✔ Thick vs. thin (e.g touch the thick item)
✔ Positions (e.g. touch the item in the middle)
✔ In front vs. behind
✔ Over vs. under

✔ Clean vs. dirty
✔ Curly vs. straight
✔ Dry vs. wet
✔ Easy vs. difficult
✔ Expensive vs. cheap
✔ Fast vs. slow
✔ Full vs. empty
✔ Happy vs. sad
✔ Healthy vs. unhealthy
✔ Heavy vs. light
✔ High vs. low
✔ Hot vs. cold
✔ Inside vs. outside
✔ Large vs. small
✔ Light vs. dark
✔ Long vs. short
✔ Many vs. few
✔ Narrow vs. broad
✔ New vs. old
✔ Noisy vs. quiet
✔ On vs. Off
✔ Open vs. closed
✔ Pretty vs. ugly
✔ Smooth vs. rough
✔ Soft vs. hard
✔ Strong vs. weak
✔ Tall vs. short
✔ Thin vs. thick
✔ Up vs. down
✔ Young vs. old

✔ Animals Actions (e.g. find the animal that can sting)
✔ Animal Descriptions (e.g. find the animal with fur)
✔ Animal Food (e.g. find the animal that eats leaves)
✔ Animal Groups (e.g. find the pet)

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Can’t listen!

Can’t listen

I'm sold

After 2 min. my 2 yr old impressed me with her efforts with the concepts app. Awesome!

Absolutely love these apps

These have helped me with teaching the most difficult areas of learning. My students have learned from the app and show each other they have learned by sharing the information.

Mommy and teacher

Perfect for my three-year-old. I think of the concepts that are too easy as fun successes for her, and if she learns something from the harder concepts that's terrific.

Great app!

I was pleasantly surprised by all the concepts covered by this app. And the fact that you can turn the different ones on and off as your child grows is a bonus. My three year old really enjoys this one.

Needs more pictures within categories

Nice app but limited usefulness due to having so few pictures in each category. Children could memorize correct answers quickly. Should have a way to add user's pictures for more variety. App should start with hint words on. I could not understand the game until I went into settings and turned on hint words. Would rather see base game with fewer categories and many more pictures in each category.

I love this app
Tracy s82

This is a wonderful app my two year old loves it

Great for working on basic concepts.

This app repeats question and allows the child to process the question again. My version played a noise for the incorrect concept so that was helpful too. Great app for language delayed children.

Photo Concept App
Ip4 now

Great learning app for kids. Thx!

Looks great!

Excited to use it with my three year old. Love all the concepts it covers and that I can work on specifics topics as needed.